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Physical data

They relate essentially to the nature of the building and its immediate environment:

  • Current and potential destination (use)
  • Size of the field
  • Living area of ​​the building, corrected surface
  • Architectural quality, beauty, quality of materials, overall balance
  • State of maintenance
  • Adaptation to its destination (level of internal comfort, existence of external nuisances ...)
  • Location, neighborhood

Legal data

In France, they are essentially three in number:

  • The zoning and the COS or coefficient of occupation of the grounds which determines the maximum number of building m ², which influences the value of the ground in the event of a reconstruction
  • The occupation of the premises (1948 law, dwelling, offices, etc.)
  • The limitations granted to the right to alienate (right of pre-emption urban, right of preemption of farmers and SAFER)

Economic data

They depend on the importance of the market and its evolution:

  • General economic situation: economic dynamism, interest rate
  • Specific context of real estate: surplus or shortage of spaces of the type analyzed, future prospects
  • Local economy

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