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Always proactive to advance the profession, the FNAIM has a Code of Ethics and Ethics that commits each member member.

The Code is based on the affirmation of the professionalism of the members of the FNAIM and their ability to provide proof to customers by providing concrete benchmarks.

All real estate professionals, adhering to the FNAIM, are required by law; the goal is to secure customers and foster a more confident, positive and sustainable relationship.

A Committee of Ethics and Ethics has been created within the FNAIM. It is responsible for ensuring the proper application of the Code and its respect by the members and their collaborators.

In case of breach, the participant is liable to disciplinary sanctions (warning, blame or radiation).

Finally, a Quality Department has been created within the Federation to directly deal with disputes you may have with an FNAIM member.

Please contact the Quality Department directly by email (qualite@fnaim.fror from the FNAIM Trade Union Chamber of your department.



General principles :

The professionals adhering to the FNAIM are convinced that the legitimacy of their presence on the market and the confidence shown by their customers are based on the necessary respect of ethical and deontological rules, giving customers guarantees of service and high morality. [...] It rightly reaffirms respect for the principle of non-discrimination.

Compliance with the law and regulations:

The member professional practices his profession in strict compliance with the laws, decrees and regulations in force and the internal rules of the FNAIM as well as the rules of the Code of Ethics and Ethics. He keeps himself constantly informed of the latest legislative and regulatory provisions, likely to interest his fields of activity.

The requirement of competence and training:

Professionals adhering to the FNAIM and their collaborators justify professional training at least equal to the legal obligations.

Transparency in the display of the services offered:

In compliance with the legal obligations, each FNAIM agency gives the public faithful, complete and rewarding information about its professional activities, the services it offers, including the services provided in a complementary way, the amounts and methods of calculating remuneration. paid by clients, their skills and professional qualifications.

Professional Liability and Financial Guarantee:

The professional adhering to the FNAIM has a professional liability insurance guaranteeing optimal protection of the consumer. It is regularly audited by its guarantee body.

Clearly planned remuneration:

Whatever the nature of its intervention, the professional joining the FNAIM receives no remuneration in the absence of mandate or contractual document, prior and written, stipulating the conditions of its mission and the associated remuneration.