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Company name IMMOTECH
Registered Address 56 avenue du General de Gaulle 19120 BEAULIEU SUR DORDOGNE
Company form SARL
Registration of the company
Amount of share capital € 7,000
RCS number 480,471,960
Intra-Community VAT number 63 480 471 960 00017
RCS Registry City BRIVE
Professional card number 019 06 023
Place of issue of the card Tulle
«Member of a profession regulated by the law n ° 70-2 of January 2nd, 1970 regulating the conditions of exercise of the activities relating to certain operations relating to the buildings and the goodwill, adherent FNAIM and subjected to the Code of Ethics and FNAIM Ethics ".
Name and address of the Guarantor GALIAN 89 rue de la Boetie, 75008 PARIS
Garantie : montant de la garantie financiere Management: 240,000 Euros,
Transactions: 120,000 Euros.
Bank Crédit Agricole Nord Midi Pyrénes
Escrow account number 062 0422 9000
Hosting the site FNAIM, 129 rue du Faubourg Sain

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